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Affordable Custom WordPress SEO Website

Simply send us an email with your website outline or sketches and we’ll begin building your custom WordPress SEO website immediately. Each website also includes 2-3 hours of consultation to ensure your website is designed and functions exactly to your liking. E-Commerce platforms can also be included in your custom WordPress SEO website for an additional cost. Each custom WordPress SEO website will be able to function virtually flawless on any mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. SEO Websites USA understands that the mobile friendliness of any website is crucial to their success in online results. Not only will your custom WordPress SEO website have excellent compatibility but it will also be noticed during organic Google Searches all over the world. You can expand your Search Engine Optimization depending upon how many keywords you purchase. The more you invest in SEO, the more online buyers will invest in you.



custom WordPress SEO website


High Quality HTML5 – CSS3 (Bootstrap) Websites

If you are looking to get a website with maximum customization either on functionality or front end design then HTML5/CSS3 websites are the way to go. There will be times when the look and feel of a website may be one of the most important aspects towards the website. In most cases these will be graphic artist websites who may seek a minimalist website design which showcases the attention more towards their own artwork. In another instance, it may be that your will require a custom PHP database to enable automation or a customer client database. Whichever the requirement always know that SEO Websites USA has all the experience required to make your website dreams into a money making reality.



custom WordPress SEO website

PHP & JavaScript

As mentioned before there will be instances that PHP may be required to fulfill a custom database or simply automation tasks. If it’s a custom script that is required which will install cookies onto a potential clients computer to better help direct them to your websites product selection, we will be more than glad to code it for you. SEO Websites USA has also helped companies customize the PHP framework within their custom WordPress SEO website to add maximum customization to their custom WordPress SEO website.



custom WordPress SEO website

Search Engine Optimization

In order for your website to be noticed during organic Google searches or any search platform it will require Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We are specialists at maintaining high ranking towards Google searches and all online search platforms. Our researched SEO keywords will be aimed at directing specific Google search keywords towards your website which increases your websites traffic and sales. For just $100 a month you can get 4 keywords each month and maintain update activity which helps boost your Google ranking. If you are looking to obtain new clients, viewers, fans, or sales towards your product this is the most crucial marketing method for a successful website and business.



Content Writing (Pages and Blogs)

If you or your company are seeking the best results towards your websites SEO keep in mind that a weekly blog or page addition is required to maintain any Google 1st page ranking. By utilizing SEO Website USA’s monthly content writing service you can assure that your website will always be recognized as a very active website, something Google looks towards when converting your website into hash code via web crawling. If Google notices continuous updates towards your web crawls hash code it will keep you on top of the organic google searches, as long as your SEO keywords match their search criteria. SEO Websites USA will be able to offer 300+ word count blogs or new pages to your custom WordPress SEO website once a week for only $100 a month.



Email Marketing

Your website can include 3rd party email marketing website integration such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, or any other email marketing tool of your choice. This will help keep your clients or website subscribers updated on any deals, events, or information you want shared with them via custom WordPress SEO website.



Graphic Media Design

SEO Websites will be more than glad to assist you with any graphic media design needs you may require for your website. Our team of graphic designers will be able to help create custom logos, picture edits, airbrushing, or even a new promotional ad. Let them know what you need and they’ll get started on it immediately.



Social Media Advertising and Management

Does your website or business operate off social media? Looking to gain new followers or a greater online presence? SEO Websites USA offers services to help gain new web traffic by directing it towards your website. There are also many other tricks of the trade methods used to help build your online presence but we can only offer that via $100 monthly service.



Custom Database Creation / Automation / Migration

Does your website require its own custom database to maintain client records or product sales? Possibly you need it to keep track of new applicants towards your online registration forms? Whatever your database needs may be simply let us know and we’ll get started on your custom database. If you are looking to migrate an old database into a new web host we have you covered. SEO Websites USA has helped companies from California all the way to New York with database migrations. If you are looking to automate your website we can get further in depth on automation details during the consultation.



Online Listings – Marketing

SEO Websites USA will ensure your website is listed on virtually all the major business search directory websites such as Yelp, White Pages, Google Business, Yellow Pages, and many others. If there are specific business directory websites you want to be seen on that may require a charge we will be sure to let you know in advance before adding any additional charges.


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