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SEO Websites USA is a bright, talented, ambitious, and self-motivated Los Angeles SEO Company with a strong technical background in web development. SEO Websites USA possesses self-discipline and the ability to work fast under some of the most crucial deadlines. Our company maintains a key role throughout a sites development to ensure maximum accessibility, customer service, reliability, search engine optimization, and most importantly mobile friendly usage. We're a very affordable Los Angeles SEO Company who thrives on creating engaging creative solutions, is deadline oriented, and has the ability to produce detailed technical specifications based upon client requirements. We have over 10 years experience providing SEO services, consistent 1st page Google ranking, and professional clean websites. Professional, quality, front page Google ranking websites is what you can expect from us as a leading affordable Los Angeles SEO Company.



Los Angeles SEO & Web Design Company

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If you're looking for an opportunity to add a dynamic, ambitious, growing company, and work together to forge a successful online business then consider SEO Websites USA. As a professional Los Angeles SEO Company, SEO Websites USA is highly experienced in e-commerce, online marketing, creating custom website templates, affordable SEO service, fully customized websites, and able to create databases for various online businesses. SEO Websites USA is dedicated to working with clients to help create their ideal website design and functionality to ensure the website reflects upon their business image. Working in a fast paced, dynamic environment and being responsible for determining all necessary coding requirements for a sites creation is what we handle on a daily basis.

Los Angeles SEO Company

"We are a national Los Angeles SEO Company helping businesses and  website owners from Beverly Hills all the way to Manhattan."


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SEO Websites USA is a professional and affordable Los Angeles SEO Company creating modern and responsive designs for Web and Mobile. We pride ourselves on creating multi-language business oriented websites, artist websites showcasing fine graphic media design, custom PHP websites with custom databases, and everything else you can expect from a professional Los Angeles SEO Company.


Los Angeles SEO Company

What else can you expect from our professional Los Angeles SEO Company services?

-Ongoing design and maintenance of websites

-Liaising closely with clients at the design stage.

-Designing landing pages.

-SEO of websites both organically and using Google Adwords.

-Interacting with designers, other programmers, and clients.

-Creating content that converts visitors to purchasers.

-Enhancing the look, functionality, and appearance of a website.

-Fixing problems encountered in the functioning of the website.

-Designing websites that are easy and effective to use.

-Designing web campaigns for online initiatives, editorials, emails, and banners.

-Building affiliate white-labels, websites, promotional banners, and creative material.

-Testing websites for functionality in different browsers and at different resolutions.


Los Angeles SEO Company


Additional Services include the following (but not limited to):

-WordPress-based Websites (design + customization)
-HTML5/CSS3 based Websites (BootStrap3)
-SEO (search engine optimization)
-Relational Databases
-Content Writing
-Email Marketing
-Graphic Media Design (Adobe Photoshop)
-Social Media Advertising
-SEO Tutoring
-Social Media Management
-Google AdWords/Pay-Per-Click
-Database Creation, Migration & Management
-Listings on various websites (yelp, whitepages, i.e.)
-Computer Repair, Website Repair, hardware & software installations.
-File Conversions from Mac to PC
-DMCA Take-downs


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Starting non hourly project based costs on websites range from:

-$25 a month for a leased website (payment plan - you own the website once paid off-)
-$100+ for a (5 Page w/5 SEO Keywords) custom WordPress/HTML5/CSS3 website
-$200+ for a (6+ Page w/ 6+ SEO Keywords) custom WordPress/HTML5/CSS3 website or database migration
-$400+ for large inventory E-commerce website
-$600+ for Non-WordPress PHP based website with custom database
-$900+ for a Custom Front End Design Adobe Dream Weaver HTML5/CSS3 website.




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