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Greetings, my name is William and I'm a Los Angeles web developer with 10 years experience in both web development and as a computer technician. I specialize in search engine optimization service (SEO), E-commerce websites, and custom database creation/management/migration. Let me get further in depth about what else I can do for you and your company. I'm interested in creating highly responsive websites for your company that will bring in results anytime someone searches my search engine optimization service (SEO) keywords.


Need Affordable Search Engine Optimization Service in Los Angeles?

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My experience ranges from developing websites for corporations in Beverly Hills (Miracle Mile) all the way to individual business owners on the East coast. I take pride in helping people achieve very powerful websites that generate more income towards their business via search engine optimization service. Over my 10 years of web development experience I have learned various secrets and strategies used in today's professional web development industry that bring in immediate results via search engine optimization service.

I would like to help you achieve these secrets of success towards improving your search engine optimization service (SEO), website speed, mobile friendly web response, and most importantly the overall look that suites the websites functionality.


search engine optimization service

"Search Engine Optimization Service is crucial for any online business to succeed. It is the shining light of exposure towards any website if they expect to convert Google Search Traffic into Buyers or New Clients."


My skills include the following (but not limited to):

-WordPress-based Websites (design + customization)

-HTML5/CSS3 based Websites (BootStrap3)



-Relational Databases

-Content Writing

-Email Marketing

-Graphic Media Design (Adobe Photoshop)

-Social Media Advertising

-Search Engine Optimization Service (SEO)

-Social Media Management

-Google AdWords/Pay-Per-Click


-Database Creation, Migration & Management

-Listings on various websites (yelp, whitepages, i.e.)

-Computer Repair, Website Repair, hardware & software installations.

-File Conversions from Mac to PC

-DMCA Take-downs


search engine optimization service


Please feel free to view my portfolio links to latest websites made:



HTML5/E-commerce/SEO/JavaScript/PHP: http://valkyrium.com/

WordPress/SEO: http://backingtrackexpress.com/

WordPress/E-commerce/SEO: http://websecretaries.com/

WordPress/E-commerce/SEO: https://pizzagirl.com/

WordPress/E-commerce/SEO: http://rcskinlabsusa.com/

WordPress/E-commerce/SEO: http://www.rcskinlabsprofessional.com/

WordPress/SEO: https://epicbusinesscapital.com/

WordPress/SEO: http://primetermite.com/

WordPress/E-commerce/SEO: http://mmrproductionsusa.com

WordPress/SEO: http://salonbackbar.net/

Shopify: http://salonbackbar.com/

WordPress Mobile SEO: http://garagedoorsrepairanaheim.com/

WordPress SEO: https://mrrehabhomes.com/

WordPress SEO: http://seowebsitesusa.com/

WordPress  SEO: http://towing-pasadena.info/

WordPress SEO: http://hollywoodtowingservice.info/

WordPress SEO: http://towing-malibu-services.net/

WordPress SEO: http://towing-encino.info

WordPress SEO: http://laxtowingservices.us/

WordPress SEO: http://towinginsunvalley.info

WordPress/SEO: http://architect-sandiego.com/



Online Portfolio:

HTML5/SEO/JavaScript/PHP: http://williamtheprogrammer.x10host.com



If you are satisfied with what you see please feel free to send an email or give me a call.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you.


Founder/Owner & Senior Web Developer

Hourly Wage: $20



"By converting organic Google Search Traffic into website visitors via Search Engine Optimization Service, you can propel your website or online business at a Global Level."



search engine optimization service


Starting non hourly project based costs on websites range from:

-$25 a month for a leased website (payment plan - you own the website once paid off-)
-$100+ for a (5 Page w/5 SEO Keywords) custom WordPress/HTML5/CSS3 website
-$200+ for a (6+ Page w/ 6-10 SEO Keywords), custom WordPress/HTML5/CSS3 website, or database migration
-$400+ for large inventory E-commerce website
-$600+ for Non-WordPress PHP based website with custom database
-$900+ for a Custom Front End Design Adobe Dreamweaver HTML5/CSS3 website.